James, Your Tongue, and Your Heart

James is trying to mess with your head. Well, your heart, really. But he’s starting with your tongue. Since James’s letter is wisdom literature, we have to be a little circumspect in the way we approach it, and we have to let it lead us down deeper than, perhaps, we were expecting to go.

Last spring, I was in Florida and I spoke at a friend’s church. They were studying James and he was hoping I could jump into the study and teach from James 3, while simultaneously orienting his people to what I do day to day. Honestly, the stuff people think I can do is flattering, sometimes. But this time, it worked out ok.

Here’s the link to the sermon. The next day invited me to join him on his podcast, Let’s Parent on Purpose. We cover a lot of the same material, but some additional interesting rabbit trails, as well.

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