I am very glad that some of the things written here have been helpful to some of you. A few of you, hoping to be a help to others, have reposted some of what I’ve written on social networking sites and the like. This puts us at risk.

So, here’s the deal. If you want to copy/paste something and re-post it, that’s ok. Please DO NOT associate my real name with it. I’d rather someone take something I’ve written and make millions of dollars, claiming it’s his own (like that will ever happen) than to have what I’m writing lately associated with my real name. I’m using a pseudonym for a reason. I am connected to others here and elsewhere, and if certain people draw certain conclusions about my activity, those conclusions and their consequences will harm those others as well. I am very upfront about who I am and Whom I worship, but there is a certain degree of paranoia within the government here, and they only have a few categories in which to place people they don’t understand. For that reason it is imperative that I remain invisible.

Thanks for your help with this! I’ve enjoyed your comments, and hope to be posting again shortly.

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Al Henson

love you and pray for you guys often..


Oh goodness, will you please forgive me? I know I’ve done that. I’m so sorry. Praying for protection.


The alias is Ironman 🙂