Beautiful Obedience

Your coat and your shirt

So my senpei needed a ride home the other day from Aikido. On the way home it came up that I usually take another student home from Aikido – both he and the senpei live near me. Senpei asked me if I take him to the metro station or to the stop light. I told him that, no, I take him all the way to his house.

“All the way to his house” he asked. “Why do you do that? That’s a little out of your way, isn’t it?”

“Well, yeah, but you know how I’m always thinking about Jesus and talking about Jesus?”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed,” he grinned.

Grinning right back, I said, “Well Jesus said that if someone asks for my coat, I should give him my shirt, too. So when Naz asks me to take him to the metro, I take him all the way home. My shirt and my coat.”

“Your shirt and your coat. OOOHH! Your shirt AND your coat! How beautiful is that! It’s so good when someone actually does what they say they believe. That’s what real faith is, you know, action. Believing is doing.”


Ingest Jesus and his Way. Make his words your manifesto. Do what he says. Explain your course of action by referencing the things he said. In this way, make disciples of all peoples.


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I like this. I like you, too. I have some “shirts” I need to give away!


Thank you!